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Bellinzoni Mangia Macchia Spot Remover Paste - 250ml

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Product Overview

Bellinzoni Mangiamacchia

Stain Remover

Bellinzoni Mangiamacchia “spoteater” is a paste product especially formulated to eliminate spots on natural stones as marbles, granites, calcareous stones, slates, terrazzo, terracotta and ceramics. It cleans the most common spots of oil, industrial grease, food, coffee etc… Its chemical composition allows to absorb deeply resistant spots.
New water-based formula.

Stubborn dirt paste removal
It is a product specifically formulated to remove stains on marble, granite, cotto and ceramic. It eliminates most of the visible stains such as oil, industrial oil, edible oil, coffee, etc. Please bear in mind that because of the many different stains nature it is not possible to guarantee the product performance. It does not damage the stone shining, does not leave shades and allows to reinstate the stone original beauty. The paste chemical composition allows to absorb deep stubborn stains.

Method of Use
Apply a layer of 5mm approx on the area to be treated. We suggest to apply it with a spatula. Cover with plastic film (IE polyethylene) to create humidity so that the paste remain most and the dirty absorption will be more efficient. After 2-3 hours remove the plastic film and let the paste dry out naturally. After dry (8-10 hours approx, depending of the room temperature) the paste will appear like dry mud whitish in color and remove it with a brush.

Remarks and Suggestions
Mix well the paste in its container before applying so to mix its components. The paste must stick well to maximize its components. The paste must stick well to maximize its efficiency. When apply it on oily stains make sure the paste is well applied even it slides away. If after the first application the stain is not completely removed repeat the procedure above explained. Once the dried paste is removed wash with detergent LEM-3 (for marble and limestone) and with extra strong detergent BERT -27 (for granite and cotto). To avoid further staining we recommend to protect the stone with Stonetech Bulletproof Sealer. 250ml

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review